CS 690 Syllabus

9 September 2015

Welcome to CS 690, the software development project.

Selected Thursdays, 6–8:35
LLC 206

Contact Info

Prof. Christopher League, Ph.D.
— please include the course number (CS690) in the subject. I have several email addresses, but all messages end up in the same place, so use only one.
Google Hangout:
Office hours:
Monday, Wednesday 2–2:50 or make an appointment at https://liucs.net/bookme
Office phone:
+1 718 488 1274
Office location:
LLC 206, LIU Brooklyn


Web sites:
https://liucs.net/cs690f15/ (syllabus and schedule)
https://github.com/liubrooklyn/cs690f15/ (code repository)
https://github.com/liubrooklyn/cs690f15/wiki (documents, notes, resources)
https://github.com/liubrooklyn/cs690f15/issues (discussion)
http://www.gradechamp.com/ (grades)
No required textbook
Campus library resources tailored for computer science are available at https://liucs.net/u1


There are a total of 1,000 points available, broken down as follows:

  • There will be 8 project milestones scheduled throughout the semester. The exact requirements and expectations for each will be posted to the course web site. Your contribution will be worth 125 points each, but I will drop the lowest, so that only 7 milestones count, for a total of 875 points. Warning: the last milestone cannot be dropped.

  • There is no midterm exam, but there will be a final exam, worth 125 points.

On the 1,000-point scale, you can expect the following letter grades:

   ≥ 870: B+ ≥ 770: C+ ≥ 670: D+
≥ 930: A ≥ 830: B ≥ 730: C ≥ 600: D
≥ 900: A–    ≥ 800: B–    ≥ 700: C–    else: F

In the end, I may choose to adjust the scale slightly to compensate for assignments or questions that turned out to be trickier than I intended. Such adjustments would never lower your grade from what is designated in the above table; if you achieve 930 points, you are guaranteed an A.