A check-in is just a weekly opportunity to score some points and ensure that you are keeping up with the course content. The requirements vary from week to week, but may involve responding to a survey, taking a brief online quiz, or participating in a discussion. They are due by midnight on the designated day.

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    • Register for the webinar Stranger than Fiction: Case Studies in Software Engineering Judgment by Steve McConnell. The webinar takes place on Wed Jan 28 at 1pm, but you can view it later as long as you register in advance.
    • Please complete this quick survey about your background and interests.
    • Choose one of the mobile app ideas and create a 1-2 page proposal about that application – what it will do, how users will interact with it, etc. Show some sample screens of the app (just drawings okay). Just submit the document to me by email, with subject “CS164 app proposal.” As a reminder, the apps ideas we discussed were:
      • authentication (fingerprint, retina/iris scan)
      • advising communication
      • general social chat app
      • advice column
      • real estate browsing
      • game (puzzle, or simple graphics)
    • Follow the instructions in the software setup page in the notes. Use Piazza to ask questions if you encounter any problems.
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    • Register for the webinar Agile Methods: The Good, the Hype and the Ugly by Bertrand Meyer. Prof Meyer is very well-known for designing the Eiffel programming language, and the idea of design by contract. The webinar takes place on Wed Feb 18 at 1pm, but you can view it later as long as you register in advance.
    • Add a JUnit test to your MyFirstApp project. You’ll have to use the older JUnit v3 interface — details in class on Monday Feb 9. Commit and push, and write “checkin 2” in your commit message.
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    • Nothing to do for this one.
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    • Nothing
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    • We obviously…
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    • …stopped using…
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    • …check-ins.
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