A check-in is just a weekly opportunity to score some points and ensure that you are keeping up with the course content. The requirements vary from week to week, but may involve responding to a survey, taking a brief online quiz, or participating in a discussion forum. They are due by midnight on the designated day.

  1. +15
    • Please complete this quick survey to help me understand your background and interests.
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  3. +15
    • Below are links to a series of images that are lossy-compressed using different quality settings. Open them in separate tabs of your browser, and then try to rate them in order from worst quality (1) to best quality (5). Submit your ratings here.

  4. +15
    • Complete this anonymous survey about the course so far. After you submit the survey, a new link will appear. Click that link and enter your name to receive credit.
  5. +15
    • Complete this short online quiz about Boolean logic and combinational circuits.
    • Install the Logisim program on your machine. It should run on any platform with a Java Runtime Environment.
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  7. +15
    • We’ll skip this check-in, but if you can bring a laptop this week, please install Python onto it before class.
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  9. +15
    • Skip
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    • Skip