Quiz 5 Solutions

Wed Apr 15

You have up to 20 minutes. You may use a standard calculator if necessary, but no text book, notes, or computer.

  1. Briefly describe the main purpose of the Domain Name Service (DNS).

    DNS translates a domain name to an IP address. The domain name is the text identifier, such as google.com or liu.edu. An IP address is a numeric identifier used for routing data on the Internet. An IPv4 address looks like

  2. Suppose the operator of a batch computing system needs to run the following jobs, one at a time. Use timelines to illustrate two strategies, and calculate the average turn-around time with each strategy. Which is better?

        J1 takes 5 minutes
        J2 takes 3 minutes
        J3 takes 4 minutes
        J4 takes 2 minutes