Welcome to CS 102. In this course, you will learn to program computers, using primarily the ‘C/C++’ language family. Although this is an older language, it is still tremendously useful, and many of the skills we learn will transcend the language itself. Programming can be difficult to learn, but as your skills develop with effort and practice, you’ll find it can be great fun, and rewarding too!

Problem solving, algorithmic design, and implementation using the C++ programming language are presented. Topics include fundamental data types and associated array types, I/O processing, conditional and loop constructs, use and implementation of functions. A brief overview of structures is given. Throughout the course, good programming styles and sound program construction are emphasized.

Tuesday, Thursday 9–10:50am in LLC 207
Three credits, prerequisite: CS101

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Prof. Christopher League, Ph.D.
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chrysleague (AIM), league@contrapunctus.net (MSN), chrisleague (Skype), cleague@gmail.com (GTalk/XMPP)
+1 718 488 1274 (office), +1 646 450 6278 (Google voice)
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Monday 12–1; Tuesday, Wednesday 11–12; other times by appointment.
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LLC 206


Microsoft Visual C++ Express Edition or Apple Xcode or similar tools.
Web sites:
https://blackboard.liu.edu/ and https://liucs.net/cs102f11/
A First Book of ANSI C by Gary J. Bronson, 4th edition, ISBN 1–4188–3556–0
Campus library resources tailored for computer science are available online.

Tutoring is available from graduate assistants in the Computer Science department. The hours are Monday 11–6, Tuesday 9–2, Wednesday 11–1 and 2–5, Thursday 9–2. Check signs posted around the department.

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