Milestone 1

due at midnight on   +125

  1. Create an account at GitHub, if you don’t have one yet. Send me your User ID so I can add you as a member of our team project repository.

  2. Sketch a few screens of the user interface for our app. Upload them to Piazza as a note tagged Milestone 1. Provide feedback on another student’s post. You can draw your screens using any software and upload a .png or .jpg, or you can just sketch on paper and snap a picture on your phone.

  3. Create a sample JSON representation of one of the interface points of the system; either:

    1. search results containing list of restaurants,
    2. downloading a restaurant’s menu, or
    3. uploading a customer’s order.

    It should be valid according to JSONLint. To submit, post it to Piazza as a note tagged Milestone 1 and use the code format in the editor.

    You probably will want a plain-text editor that knows something about JSON and other languages. For Windows, I recommend Notepad++; for Mac there are lots, maybe try TextWrangler.

  4. Install the Elm language platform, browse the documentation and try out some of the examples. Then read the Elm Architecture Tutorial.