Milestone 3

due at midnight on   +125

  • Extend the online ordering example in Elm – you can download and try the starting point that I did in class on 9/28 from github.
  • Format the order nicely as HTML
  • Add a “decrease quantity” and/or “remove” buttons to the ordered items.
  • The order should calculate total prices by looking up prices in the menu, multiply by quantity, add to get subtotal, etc.
  • How would the menu model represent section headings (“Appetizers”, “Mains”, “Desserts”)?
  • Think about (and post ideas to Piazza) how to extend the model to cover different phases (searching for a restaurant, choosing a menu, checking out).
  • If you clone the github repository to your system, you can do your work in your own subdirectory and then it will be easy to synchronize with me and others.