Milestone 1


You may work in groups of up to 4 members. Select one of the three project ideas we proposed in class:

  1. A ‘bookme’ scheduling site for office hours
  2. A puzzle game like flood-it
  3. A machine-learning clustering or classification tool

With your choice, do the following:

  1. Document the project requirements (features) from a user’s point of view. Use illustrations or diagrams anywhere they will help, such as showing sample screens or visualizing the components of the system.

  2. Next, briefly discuss the overall design and platform. What are the primary modules you think you’ll need? What platforms will your support? What languages, technologies, or APIs will you use? Remember, keep it simple. It’s okay to dream big, but cut it down to something appropriate for implementing in 12 weeks.

Upload your document to this dropbox for milestone 1.