Milestone 3


I discussed some next steps with each group independently. So please just be prepared to show more progress with those for this milestone.

Some general points I made for all groups:

  • Try to isolate your software dependencies to ensure easily-repeatable builds on other machines.
    • For Python developers, that means using virtualenv and pip freeze.
    • For Javascript projects, that means using bower and the dependencies setting in bower.json.
    • For Java, it means specifying pom.xml or letting the IDE (such as NetBeans, IntelliJ, or Eclipse) manage it for you.
  • Ultimately I’d like to see everyone in the group making some contributions when we look at the git log. It’s okay if the majority of the commits are from one machine/user if you’re working together on that machine, but also try to divide up some parts to be contributed by others. (It also helps ensure your dependencies are properly isolated and documented, if you need to get the project working on different computers.)

  • Try to keep unnecessary stuff out of your git repository. I’ll show some examples, and how to use .gitignore, in class.