Assignment 2 – hex images

due at 23:59 on   +50

For this assignment, you will use my hexadecimal image workshop. Basically, you type hexadecimal numbers into the three boxes to control the red, green, and blue images that are then merged together to form the final image. You can change the size of the canvas using the drop-downs. You have two tasks:

  1. Write your two initials using this 8×8 character-cell font. Each initial should be in a different secondary color (cyan, magenta, or yellow).

    An 8×8 character-cell font (zoom in)

    An 8×8 character-cell font (zoom in)

    As examples, here are:

  2. Be creative and design any icon, logo, or character you wish. Here are a few examples from previous students:

To save your images, right-click the Link button on the workshop page, Copy Link Address, and paste it into a document or your email.

To submit your images, use this form and paste the link addresses for each task.