A check-in is just a weekly opportunity to score some points and ensure that you are keeping up with the course content. The requirements vary from week to week, but may involve responding to a survey, taking a brief online quiz, or participating in a discussion, or making some progress on an assignment. They are due by midnight on the designated day.

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    • Note: On Windows machines, if you don’t have the curl command available, the best solution is to install git and then use it from Git Bash.

    • Use the curl command to POST to, sending the POST data parameters name and score using -d. The name should be your first and last name, for example Chris+League. The score must be an integer greater than zero. It worked if it says something like “Thanks Chris League, your score has been recorded.”

    • Try it again, but this time use the Accept-Language header to get the response in a language other than English. Supported languages include Arabic, Chinese, Danish, German, Greek, Japanese, and Spanish.

    • Try it a third time, but this time, specify a non-number for the score (or omit the score parameter entirely). Note the response code from the server, and the error message.

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    • Work through the flukeout game about CSS “selector” notation, at least through level 15. To get credit, take a screenshot of your solution to level 15, save it as flukeout.png in your git working directory, commit and push.
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    • Skipped – you’ll get full credit.
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    • Skipped.
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    • Skipped.
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    • Skipped.
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