Project 1 — Bootstrap HTML

due at 23:59 on   +100

For this assignment, you will design and implement a small static web site using Bootstrap and hand-coded HTML. It should meet the following requirements:

  • It should have three separate HTML pages that are linked to each other.

  • Other than the three pages, other links do not need to work, and the text can be “lorem ipsum” (fake).

  • Among the three pages there should be at least 4 images.

  • At least one page should use a multiple-column layout, achieved using Bootstrap’s grid.

  • It should use additional bootstrap visual features such as buttons, badges, a table, or a form.

  • It should resize gracefully on smaller devices.

To submit, create a new folder called assn1 in your git working directory, and save all your files there (including any CSS files, Bootstrap files, and images). Then add, commit, and push your code using the techniques in the software setup.