Assignment 3: logic

15 October 2019   PDF version

Truth table

Write a complete truth table for all values of the Boolean expression assigned to you in the table below. (If you are not in this list, contact me to obtain your expression.)

Remember the correct order of operations: parentheses (), followed by negation (NOT '), then AND ·, then OR +, and finally XOR . Every expression here uses exactly three variables, so your table should have eight rows. You may create your truth table on paper and then take a very clear picture of it, or do it directly in a document or spreadsheet file.

Initials ID (last 4) Expression
AH 6889 B+B'⊕C·A'
AL 9482 B+C⊕(C'·A)'
AM 6470 (C·A)'+(B'⊕C)
AM 9063 A'+C⊕C'·B
AN 2026 B·A⊕(C+A')'
AR 8693 (C⊕B)·(C'+A)'
AW 1120 B+B'⊕C·A'
BB 9262 A'·C+(A⊕B)'
BJ 1758 (B'+C)'·(B⊕A)
CB 0786 A+B⊕(C·B')'
CD 7177 (C⊕B)·(C'+A)'
CF 7260 (B⊕C)'·(B'+A)
CO 2217 A'·C+(A⊕B)'
EG 8440 B·A'⊕A+C'
EV 1014 (B+A)'·(B⊕C')
GA 5341 A'+C⊕C'·B
GR 3209 (B⊕C)'·(B'+A)
HT 4995 B·C'⊕A'+A
IP 7121 (B⊕C)'+B'·A
JC 3866 C'·A+(B⊕A)'
JV 2547 C'·B⊕A+A'
KB 2597 B·A⊕(C+A')'
KG 0351 (B+A)'·(B⊕C')
KH 8171 (A'+C)'·(B⊕C)
KR 8920 C'·A+(B⊕A)'
KV 3181 B·A'⊕A+C'
LC 5362 B·A'⊕C'+B
LF 7631 B'+C⊕C'·A
LJ 2323 A'+A⊕C'·B
LJ 9222 (B⊕A')+(C·A)'
LK 6885 (C'·A)'⊕B+A
MB 1002 (C·A)'+(B'⊕C)
ML 4201 (B'⊕B)·(A+C)'
MZ 8853 (B'+C)'·(B⊕A)
NF 2078 B·C'⊕A'+A
NP 9205 A+B⊕(C·B')'
OS 1559 B'+C⊕C'·A
SA 9088 (B'⊕B)·(A+C)'
SG 2869 C'·B⊕A+A'
TR 7435 B·A'⊕C'+B
VB 0068 (B⊕C)'+B'·A
XW 1354 (A'+C)'·(B⊕C)


Using Logisim, implement a circuit for your assigned Boolean expression. It should have exactly three two-state input pins, labeled as A, B, and C. It should have one output pin or LED. Test the circuit against your truth table to verify the results. If you find a way to implement exactly the same calculation with fewer gates, that’s fine (but not necessary). Save your work as truth1.circ and attach that file to the Wiki to submit.

How to submit

As before, go to your cs101 project page on and select Wiki in the sidebar. Push the green New page button. Set the “Page slug” (title) to exactly A3 (capital A, the number 3, no spaces). Attach the truth table (an image or office document) and the Logisim circuit file using the Attach a file button, then save the page.