Assignment 5 – AngularJS

due at 23:59 on   +100

For this assignment, I’d like you to use AngularJS to create a very simple task-list app. A tasks consists of:

  • a title
  • a priority (A,B,C)
  • an optional due date, and
  • a completion status (true/false).

You can enter new tasks using a simple form. Below (or beside) that form, the app will show a table of current tasks.

Users will have the option of sorting their task list by title, priority, or due date. Beside each task is an edit icon that will allow the user to modify the title, priority, or due date. Also beside each task is a delete icon that will permanently remove the task.

Users will be able to tick a check-box to mark the task as completed. Completed tasks stay in the list until the user pushes a button “purge completed” that removes them all at once.

Note: At this stage, you do not need to worry about saving the task list to a server. We can explore how to do that later, but for now, if the user refreshes the page the tasks may be lost.