Assignment 6 – server-side

due at 23:59 on   +100

For this assignment, you will use Django to create a web site for a small organization.

The admin interface will allow you to create records for personnel in the organization, with fields like their names, phone number, email address, and bio sketch, and job title (role). You can also create records for departments within the organization, and then personnel can be assigned to different departments.

The basic (non-admin) web site will list departments on the home page. It’s up to you whether you make this into a menu, nav bar, or just a plain unordered list. When you click on a department, you’ll see a listing of people within that department. Then, when you click on a person, you’ll get their information page.

All lists should be in alphabetical order by department name or person’s last name, and should come from the database (as entered into the admin interface).

We will illustrate aspects of this project in class on Monday April 20th and Wednesday 22nd. Also, the supplementary video from the 16th shows setting up PyCharm and Django.