Milestone 5: webgc part 2

7 April 2019   PDF version

As of April 3rd, my fork of webgc has some kernel of functionality hooking a file graph (webgc.webdir) up to the garbage collector (webgc.marksweep). There is also an extremely simplistic test-case in tests/sample1 for which the GC functionality works fine.

Your task for this milestone is just to determine where we go next, by creating a test/sample2 directory containing some web files that break our current implementation. The breakage could be an Python error that halts the program, or it could just be output that is incorrect (it doesn’t find some garbage, or it marks some file as garbage that shouldn’t be).

Change the root directory used in the __main__ section of webgc/

wd = WebDir("tests/sample2")

Run the program with:

python -m webgc.webdir

(Or maybe python3 in that command.) Once you have constructed a set of web files that break the code, write a short note in the about why you think it breaks, and propose some next steps we need to address the issue.