A check-in is just a weekly opportunity to score some points and ensure that you are keeping up with the course content. The requirements vary from week to week, but may involve responding to a survey, taking a brief online quiz, or participating in a discussion forum. They are due by midnight on the designated day.

    • Complete this quick survey to help me understand your background and interests.  +25
    • Please read section 36 of The Pragmatic Programmer, “The Requirements Pit,” and answer the questions in this survey.  +25
    • Please read section 7 of The Pragmatic Programmer, “The Evils of Duplication,” and answer the following 3 questions in an email to me.  +25
    • Describe one example of a feature in Java or Android that can help you avoid repetition.
    • Describe one example of imposed repetition in Java or Android.
    • Describe one example (in any language or program) which you might commit inadvertent or impatient repetition.
    • Please read section 34 of The Pragmatic Programmer, “Code That’s Easy to Test.”  +25
    • We’ll skip this check-in.  +25