Milestone 2

due at midnight on   +125

Part one – Activity and log

Within an Android project (such as the Hello World app), create an Activity (you can use the and override all of its life cycle methods:

  • onCreate
  • onStart
  • onResume
  • onPause
  • onStop
  • onRestart
  • onDestroy

Within your overridden methods, issue log messages tagged "LifeCycle", indicating which method is being run, like this:

    Log.i("LifeCycle", "onResume");

Now run your Activity on a device or the emulator, and observe the log messages in the “logcat” output. Can you make all of them appear? Does the order correspond to the Activity state diagram in the documentation?

Part two – Layouts and views

Create two distinct layouts for different screens of our chat app. Use the drawings on the User Interface wiki page as inspiration.